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In a league of their own, Shutters enhance windows and interiors with an architectural statement like no other window treatment. The beauty of both hardwood finishes as well as the composite finish, underscore the uniqueness that describe Shutters as furniture for your windows.

Wood Shutters, Composite Shutters and Vinyl Shutters are just the many materials we offer our customer’s at Ford Window Treatments. Each type of Shutter offers it’s own benefits, so depending on your needs and desires we can help you select the Interior Shutter that works for you.

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Louver Size

The elegant framing selection as well as louver size options make plantation shutters a very versatile treatment. Whether your style is modern, contemporary, traditional or exotic, the features of these sophisticated treatments lend themselves to any interior design style.

The smallest louver is 1 7/8″ and custom plantation shutters made with these louvers are mostly found in traditional styled rooms. The wider or larger the louver, the more contemporary they become. The 2 1/2″ louver can still be considered traditional or transitional while letting in more light and allowing more view to the outside. 3 1/2″ louver plantation shutters are mostly found in contemporary to modern rooms and the 4 1/2″ louver size are an excellent choice in rooms with very tall windows and high ceilings, as well as on windows where the view outside is a major factor for the home owner.


Wood Shutters have a huge selection of paint and stain choices for your Hardwood Shutters and even a custom paint option by some manufacturer’s. From whites to beiges and greys, from naturals to mahogany to wenge stains, there will always be a choice that’s right for your well designed interior.

Composite and Vinyl Shutters have a multitude of neutral shades to pick from so always know there is a color choice that’s just right for you.

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Tilt Bar

Shutters come with a Traditional Tilt Bar which operates your shutter. Always a classic look and part of the style that Shutters have always been known for, the tilt bar is a one touch system. The Hidden Tilt Bar is a more contemporary and modern style and are operated by touching the louver which then controls other louvers into opening as well. Our customer’s love the unobstructive view this new detail provides, perhaps it will be the right feature for you to include in your Custom Shutter as well.

Speciality Shapes

Shaped windows can be challenging for many homeowners to cover. Shutters offer a multitude of ways to treat these architectural window features. Whether you have arched, angled or circular windows, a Shutter is a beautiful Window Treatment that covers your opening without compromising the shape and design.

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Frame Choices

There are many different frame designs to choose from and many window types will require what that frame choice should be. Let Barbara assist you with her knowledge of the many ways you can build your Custom Shutter so it fits your window correctly and reflects the style you are looking to create.