Ford Window Treatments | Motorization
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Motorized window treatments have gained significant popularity over the last few years as technology gets more advanced and home automation​ becomes more of a standard for new home and office construction. There are many ways in which to achieve the ease of motorized shades and blinds, but deciding on which type is why you call the professionals like Ford Window Treatments. Whether you want to operate your window treatments using a wall switch, handheld remote or your tablet or smartphone, the choices are plentiful with the latest technology we can offer you.

PowerView Motorization by HunterDouglas

Watch it in action!

Somfy Motorization

Somfy is one of the leaders that takes a convenient approach to operating your blinds and shades by way of Motorization. Wouldn’t you love to manage your window treatments position with the touch of a remote, wall switch or on your smart phone or tablet? Imagine not getting out of bed or off the sofa to adjust your window treatments, Somfy has made that possible. For hard to reach windows or many shades in one room, that makes it a chore to lifting and adjusting so many cords to your desired position, Somfy knows what you need. Whether it’s battery or solar powered, hardwire or using a DC power adapter, Ford Window Treatments will assist you in selecting the best option for your needs.