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Custom Draperies are a beautiful and versatile choice in window treatment design. The details that can be artfully combined with the fabrics you choose are endless.


Traditional Draperies can be designed with luxurious fabrics such as silks, jacquards and damasks. They can then be adorned with stylish trims sewn on the edges and hung on decorative poles with ornamental finials. Perhaps a detailed cornice or fancy valance to accentuate the draperies may be just the right touch, and let’s not forget the pleat styles we offer. When it comes to your window treatments, no detail by our trained consultant is ever left unthought-of.


If your interior begs for warmth in a modern setting, keeping with streamlined hardware and contemporary fabrics will pull the room together with style and sophistication. Added features such as banding, borders and modern pleats are the extra details our knowledgeable staff will be able to offer you.


The choices for Custom Drapery Treatments are abundant, and hiring the right company with the knowledge, patience and professional background that Barbara Kramer at Ford Window Treatments has will make the selection process easy and enjoyable.

Traditional Pinch Pleat Drapery

For a traditional concept in drapery design, choosing the Traditional Pinch Pleat style will always prove to be the classic choice. Depending on your needs, Pinch Pleat Draperies can be unlined or sewn with dimout or blackout lining, it all depends on the level of light you want passing through. With an endless amount of fabrics, trimmings and hardware to select from, Ford Window Treatments is only too happy to assist you in making this creative decision.
pinch pleat
Euro Pleat

Euro Pleat Draperies

The Euro Pleat design gives you another option for a classic styled drapery treatment. While not as tailored as the Traditional Pinch Pleat, this pleat evokes an elegance that still makes a traditional statement. Once again, like all draperies, Euro Pleat Draperies can be lined or unlined, adorned with stylish trims or left alone, just clean and simple. Whether you choose a bottom border or not, a decorative pole or something more plain, Ford Window Treatments knows how to complete your look, from top to bottom.

Ripplefold Drapery

Draperies have come into high fashion in the most trendiest interiors with the revival of Ripplefold Draperies. The style is created by the modern pleat, the right fabric choice as well as the selection of tracks, which only recently, have caught the attention of the finest hardware manufacturer’s. When we join these essential details together, we successfully create a room that’s sophisticated and glamorous.

Ripple Fold Pleat
Plain Pleat

Plain Pleat Drapery

Relaxed and unstructured, the Plain Pleat looks best on decorative drapery hardware. Sometimes a room just doesn’t call for a tailored pleat, but the room may not be modern enough for a Ripplefold Drapery. That’s when the Plain Pleat is a great alternative, the perfect in-between style that still makes a statement.

Grommet Style

For a casual look, Grommet Style Draperies are the perfect choice. Usually this treatment looks best with solid fabrics and simple borders, perfect for a coastal, comfortable and relaxing environment.

Grommet Pleat
Inverted Pleat

Inverted Pleat Drapery

For a modern or contemporary ambience, the Plain Pleat Drapery makes a statement without the traditional feel other pleats tend to demonstrate. Plain Pleats are sophisticated, and when paired with trendy drapery rods, we’ll create an impactful and stylish window treatment that’s right for you.

Valances and Cornices

Top treatments such as valances and cornices add a special focal point in a room. If you have created a themed style or period style interior, top treatments are a great way to pull the room together. With so many different styles to choose from, Ford Window Treatments is always equipped with many ideas and creative ways to enhance top treatments and make your interior a unique space for you to enjoy.